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5 Islands Press, 2007.


ʻMemoryʼs snapshots and machinations, its random catalogues of our pasts, lie beautifully revealed.ʼ  

Anthony Lynch, Australian Book Review


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Stone Scar Air Water


Walleah Press, 2013


ʻJohnsonʼs poetic voice has an exacting edge to it, demanding our attention, inciting unease.  The cool polish of the surface tension, the glint of something barbarous rising from the depths.ʼ  Jennifer Compton


ʻ evocative and memorable collection, showing a poet clearly in charge of her craft but also brave enough to go beyond the frames of the comfortable...ʼ Rose Lucas, Australian Book Review.


ʻ important addition to this fine poetʼs oeuvre...ʼ Anthony Lynch, Cordite.


This collection was shortlisted in the West Australian Premierʼs Awards.











When the talk is of angels

it’s tempting to think of them on the cold lake


small swan-shaped slivers of ice.                       


They are superbly processional

gliding in front of an invisible carriage.


Or moving across a linen sky

as though a single loose thread


is being pulled to a pucker

from somewhere beyond the horizon.


They play-act their dignity

to suit the task at hand


which is to placate our watching expectations.


You know this because they sometimes slip

     into momentary awkwardness.


The propellors of their feet

as they attempt to launch


do not push smoothly upwards

from the surface but slap


like the frenzied paddles of a waterwheel.


And their cries are absurd:

                 half bugle, half air brake.


But the biggest giveaway of all

is how one shadow, then another, and another

                                        passes low overhead. 


That feathered line of underbelly darkness

the huge warump, warump of wings.


The soul we do not believe in, suddenly

                 believes in us, and flutters in terror.


And we are as helpless as any creature

                 who, not paying enough attention

                              has stumbled into another creature’s myth.












Black Pepper, 2004


 ʻ eloquently and humanely with the difficulties of experience.ʼ Peter Boyle.


ʻThis is a poetry at once worldly and refined.ʼ Judith Beveridge.


ʻNomadicʼ won the Melbourne University Wesley Michel Wright Prize.














































Fying island books,


2013 A pocket book of poetry incorporating poems from previous collections.


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Picador, 2008


   ʻA “wild mouse” of sea, sex and hallucination. Judy Johnson is a terrific storyteller.ʼ Dorothy Porter..


   ʻIf I had to compare her to anyone writing today, it would be Anne Carson.  Their inspirations differ, but their poetry achieves–through a masterly command of language and a kind of imaginative completeness–the fullest potential of the verse novel.'  Cameron Woodhead, Sydney Morning Herald.


   ʻThe narrative is compelling, characters powerful, and the setting at once squalid and rich.  the tension sustained here between a claustrophobic pearling lugger and the seductive tropical seas is unrelenting.ʼ  Judges comments, Victorian Premierʼs Awards.


   ʻJackʼ won the Victorian Premierʼs Award.  It was on the Sydney and Melbourne University syllabus.  


It is available for purchase as an audio book through bolinda publishing .